Both Edward Kemboi And Morgan Shadrack Have A Dream


Edward Kemboi is connecting with some kids at home in Kenya. Edward can become a great coach someday.

I have been coaching Edward Kemboi and Morgan Shadrack remotely in Kenya for the past year. It has been a pleasure to get to know them. They are both determined to improve the lives of those around them. When they run, it is not just about their own athletic careers, but also about making a positive impact on people's lives.

Both Edward and Morgan have purpose-driven dreams that involve helping and serving others.

Edward Kemboi Wants To Help Others By Coaching Someday

Edwards dreams of becoming a coach, but it's not easy in Kenya where jobs are scarce and the average yearly income is about $2,200 USD.

Edward already helps many people behind the scenes, sacrificing his scarce resources for the good of others.

When I think about Edward, I think about the parable Jesus told about the widow giving her last coin to help others.

Her contribution looked like little on the surface to others because she had few resources, but her sacrifice was a much greater sacrifice than those who had plenty.

Edward quietly and without fanfare goes about helping others pursue their dreams and goals as much as he can behind the scenes. He has a coach's heart, for sure.

Edward wants to help others even more as a coach someday to make a difference in the lives of others.

I believe Edward will become a world-class coach if given the chance.

Edward’s Comeback Took A Great Step Forward In 2023

On the running side, Edward had his best year since 2018 during the 2023 Track and Field season, making it to the semi-finals in the 800-meter Kenya National Track and Field Championships.

Kenya has one of the most challenging 800-meter national trials in the world.

Edward has a best time of 1:44 for 800 meters and is a two-time NCAA Champion at 800 meters. For you, non-runners, a time of just over 1:44 won the world championship 800 meters this summer.

Edward is also training for a PR in the 1500-meters in the 2024 season.

Unfortunately, Edward is unsponsored by a shoe company in his homeland and receives no compensation to run like other pro-level athletes.

As Edward's coach, he can have his best year on many levels in 2024. I look forward to seeing Edward train for and race the 1500 meters in addition to the 800 meters this upcoming season.

I'll be serving as Edward's volunteer coach for another year. He still has much to give on and off the track this year to help change and improve lives.

I am praying and hoping Edward receives the resources he needs to continue to impact others in his incredible life journey.

For more about Edward Kemboi’s journey, see Catching Up With NCAA 800-Meter Champion Edward Kemboi”.

Morgan Shadrack Wants To Help His Sisters Have A Better Life

I've told Morgan's story before. At a young age, he lost more in life than most people can't even fathom.

Losing your mom and dad at an early age through traumatic circumstances is bound to impact your life in significant ways.

Morgan also recently lost his Aunt, who took him in as a teenager. You can read Morgan's Story for a snapshot of what he has gone through.

What is pretty incredible to me is how Morgan has handled the trauma through the lens of faith.

He has forgiven those who did the unforgivable to his family. You never forget trauma, but you can use those horrific experiences to help others somehow in their journey.

Morgan has chosen to be a light to others amid great pain and anguish.

Morgan runs for much more than himself. Through Athletics, he hopes to find ways to help his sisters and others in his life journey.

What that looks like, specifically, still needs to be clarified. Morgan continues to step out in faith daily, looking for ways to improve life for those around him.

Whether visiting his sisters, finding creative ways to help them fund their education, or doing his best to help them find support, they are constantly at the forefront of his mind.

Morgan Went Further Than Ever Before In 2023

On the running side of things, Morgan, too, had a great year. He qualified and ran in the Kenya National Championships in the 800 meters for the first time.

Morgan pulled his hamstring in the preliminary rounds but is finding ways to strengthen his hamstrings this season.

The 1:46 800-meter runner will give it his all in 2023-2024. I will have a full year with Morgan as his volunteer coach for the first time in 202-2024.

Having an entire year with Morgan, rather than just six months as his coach, is a great blessing from a coaching perspective.

I can do much more to help Morgan go after his goals in 2023-2024.

Like Edward, Morgan is not a sponsored athlete. I also pray he finds the resources he needs to train in this Olympic Year.

Next Steps

Getting to know these two men as their coach is life-changing. Both work hard day in and day out with little support in a country with scarce economic resources. 

I've learned at a much deeper level about how people can overcome exceptional hardship and adversity and even forgive in horrific circumstances (read Morgan's story) in their journey.

Working hard and smart over the next year will enable both men to get closer to their dreams. Both have the mental tenacity created from their incredible stories to reach their God-given potential this year.

I know they will give everything they have to give and leave nothing at the finish line of their dreams and goals in this Olympic year when everyone focuses on the prize even more.

I pray that these two can continue to touch others in positive, life-giving ways even more in their journey in the 2023-2024 Olympic year.


Coach Weber

Philippians 4:13



Morgan is in the red with friends, hiking to bring water to a friend. Life is much different and more difficult in Kenya. One of Morgan's dreams is to help his orphaned sisters have a better life.


                            Edward and Morgan, after a particularly hard workout


Morgan (on the far left) and Edward pointing in the red, after qualifying for the Kenyan National Championships in the 800-meters on an old dirt track in the spring of 2023.

Edward is a 1:44 800-meter runner and two-time NCAA 800-meter champion. Morgan is a 1:46 800-meter runner.