New Movie Hits Close to Home

Left to Right: Tony Volpentest,  Ross Perot, Bryan Hoddle, and Larry Weber during Tony's Gold medal runs

There is a movie being made based on the life story of Tony Volpentest. Tony is a former Gold medal winner and world record holder. Tony's life story is very inspiring. I am happy that StarMentors, Inc. is making a movie about Tony's life.

My connection to Tony

I worked as Tony's Sports Agent setting up events across the country and promoting Tony and other world-class athletes in the World Paralympic movement. Bryan Hoddle, Tony, and I had some barrier-breaking movements in the Paralympic Movement. As I look back, I have many meaningful and happy memories from that chapter of life.

Bryan served as Tony's coach during his gold medal performances in the 100 meters and 200 meters at the Paralympic Games and before the games as well. I coached Tony to a gold medal and world record in the 200 meters at the world championships after my good friend Bryan Hoddle retired from coaching Tony.

Tony's Life Story

The focus of the movie, of course, is Tony's life and how he overcame many physical and emotional obstacles to become the fastest man in the world in his category. Tony was born without hands or feet. He overcame incredible odds to become one of the greatest athletes in the world during the peak of his career.             

There are many interesting stories to tell about the behind the scenes activities that happened during this phase of our lives as well.

For example, we worked directly with Presidential Candidate and Billionaire Ross Perot in the promotion of the Paralympic movement. Mr. Perot helped all three of us in different ways. The movie may include some of our life-changing moments during this period of time. We all learned many key life lessons during this chapter of life.

This should be a great movie! The movie is expected to play nationwide once it is finished. 

Check the website for updates on the movie. You can read more about Starmentors here:

The most current press release about the movie is at the link below.


Coach Weber 

Philippians 4:13

Tony is pictured winning the gold in Atlanta. 

Photo credit: Chris Hamilton took the picture in Atlanta. The cover of the book in this picture was designed by Karis Drake, Subist Studios. This picture also resides on the Starmentors web site.

I was speaking with Ross Perot at a Press Conference in Atlanta  at the Paralympic Games in Atlanta in this picture. The quality of the picture is not good but the memories are. 

Mr. Perot was running for President of the United States at the time. He would not answer questions about his presidential run at the press conference because he rightfully believed the day belonged to Tony. He came solely to watch Tony run the 100 and 200 meters at the Games. Mr. Perot was a class act who truly wanted the attention to focus on Tony's life long hard work that led to his big day.  Tony won Gold medals in both races.