Now, there is a word we don’t hear about much anymore.

Steadfastness is a word more from the era I grew up in.

Looking way back, in 1913, Steadfastness was defined by Webster's Dictionary this way:

“Stead"fast*ness, n. The quality or state of being steadfast, firmness; fixedness; constancy. "The steadfastness of your faith." Col. ii. 5”.

When adversity hits, I think of the word Steadfastness and how to get through the storm.

Adversity will hit you between the eyes at some point in life.

When it does, be firm in your resolve not to give up or give in.

Give it all you've got in the areas that are within your control.

Accept what befalls you, but don't give in to the pain.

Be steadfast and undisturbed in times of great adversity.

Be patient like gold being tested in a fire, for you must go through the fire to win the gold.

Patience is a challenging road to take, but it is necessary.

Trust the Lord as the battle heats up because it will heat up before it gets better; persevere in faith.

Don't marginalize what you are going through, but don't let it define you either.

At some point in life, we all experience this storm, young or old.

The key is to hold on; more meaningful days are coming, and be steadfast in your resolve to give it all you've got.

I love the word steadfastness because I've seen the results of persevering in the battle when everything feels like it's falling apart.

Keep hope alive by being steadfast to get to the other side where victory lives.


Coach Weber

Philippians 4:13


Image Credit: Rosie Kerr