Why I Respect Other Running Coaches


Image: Learning from Dr. Jack Daniels at one of his seminars. The seminar included lectures from other coaching greats  Dr. Joe Vigil and Peter Thompson.

I have never seen anything like it on the field or in the boardroom.

Many managers in the workplace and coaches in other sports are highly competitive and keep information private.

My experience with other cross-country coaches and many track and field coaches is that they share information, help each other, and share a common bond of believing the best-prepared team or individual should win the race.

In general, I don’t see a lot of jealousy or envy between running and track and field coaches.

I see great human beings who help prepare kids for sports and life.

I admire my fellow coaches. Coaches like Dr. Jack Daniels, Joe Vigil, and Peter Thompson have helped me learn and grow.

Early in my career, I took classes from high school coaching legend Phil English at the White Pass Camp in Washington State.

I help other coaches when I can, too.

For example, we had won nine straight girls’ state cross-country championships at our school by 2014.

One coach, Aaron Anderson, asked if I would mentor him. For a year off and on, I mentored Aaron.

Aaron’s team beat us in 2015, ending our nine-consecutive state championships streak. His team deserved to win. They outran us that day.

Sure, it stung a bit to have the streak stopped. However, I was happy that Aaron and his team gave it their all. Losing to Aaron and his team made me a better coach.

I analyzed what I could improve from that year. Having Aaron and his team step up helped me to step up and do a better job of coaching, even in my current role at JPII.

So, the story's moral is to share your knowledge and help others succeed. You will learn even more that you can use in the future. It all sounds counterintuitive, but it is true.

Do your best and never stop learning. Help others along the journey, and you will also learn new things to improve.

Ultimately, all win, especially kids, when you share what you know with others.


Coach Weber

Philippians 4:13


Share what you know to help others grow.  By sharing, you will ultimately impact more people and help others reach their God-given potential.

Photo: Anna Brooks-Thomas