The Impact Of Belief And Barrier-Breaking Performances 

I've coached now for several decades in one capacity or another. The hardest part of coaching is getting people to believe in their God-given ability at a heart level. Helping people overcome their genuine lack of belief in their talents and skills is the number one challenge in the coaching profession.

I spend months and sometimes years trying to help people believe more deeply in their God-given talents. I am passionate about helping people believe in their unique gifting at a heart level. The sooner unbelief issues are resolved, the more meaningful and impactful life you'll have.

The fog of what's possible in life cleared the day I ran in the Original Ultimate Runner Competition (10k, 400 meters, 100 meters, a mile, and marathon all ran on the same day). Something connected in my spirit like never before.         

For the first time, I truly believed I could run with the best in the world. I had a sense of peace and a deep belief in my heart that "I could do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13)". This wonderful verse finally came alive in my heart, spirit, and mind. It became my life verse that I refer to frequently to this day.

Belief in your God-given ability is the gateway to your dreams and more meaningful life. When you genuinely believe in your gifts, the seemingly impossible happens. Lives around you are also changed forever in unimaginable ways at first. 

Truly believing in your God-given talents is faith in action. By believing in, developing, and acting on your abilities, others will benefit tremendously from your life story.               

You owe it to yourself and others to develop a deep belief in the gifts He gave you. Your talent, if used appropriately, may provide hope and unlock the door to greatness for generations to come.

Let me further illustrate these ideas by sharing one of my favorite stories of all time. This story is one of the most powerful peak performance examples in history. The first four-minute mile illustrates the power of belief and the impact belief has on others' lives like no other.

Several decades ago, experts thought that a sub-four-minute mile was impossible. For decades, men tried to prove the experts wrong. For years, the experts were right until one windy day in England.

Roger Bannister did not believe the experts. He refused to buy into the status quo thinking of his day. Bannister became the first man to break the sub-four-minute mile barriers.     

By working hard and smart, Bannister was ready to go after his goal. We all know the ending to his story--or do we? Bannister, of course, proved the critics wrong by running the first-ever sub-four-minute mile in history. As great as Bannister's record was, it was not the best part of his life story.

Within a month of Bannister running the first sub-four-minute mile, John Landy of Australia broke Bannister's record.

Over 300 runners ran under the four-minute-mile "barrier" within about ten years.

The greatest thing that came out of Bannister's record and the story was his ability to inspire others to pursue their dreams and goals. When Bannister broke a long-standing barrier, he unconsciously gave others permission to break through their obstacles and pursue their dreams.  

When you break a barrier of any kind, it's not just about you. By believing in and acting on your unique God-given abilities, you'll help set others free to pursue their dreams and goals. 

Your accomplishment may not be as dramatic as Bannister's first sub-four-minute mile; however, people will stand up and take notice when you give it your all by reaching a personal best in life. You may even inspire future generations to go for their dreams when you break through a long-standing emotional barrier. 

We can always do more than we initially believe. Go beyond the artificial barriers that live in your mind. Tear down those imaginary thoughts holding you back from your dreams and goals. Give your gift to the world for the benefit of others. Run your sub-four-minute mile in the areas of life God has placed in your heart.

The path to freedom is right in front of you. Face your challenges with hope and fearless determination. 

Believe in the gifts God gave you and help others do the same.


Coach Weber

Philippians 4:13

The first sub-2-hour marathon happened pretty recently. Check out this short video if you want current inspiration about barrier-breaking performances. Eliud Kipchoge 1:59:40 - Inspirational Video - YouTube

For more on faith and belief, see Matthew 17:20

 Roger Bannister is shown here breaking the first sub-four-minute mile                                                                                                                                                                    Photo Credit: The Associated Press