True Community Is Always Messy


I have never been part of a community without problems. The illusion is that we will find a perfect relationship, school, or job. But such things do not exist.

I once read a book about how true community is always messy. When I first read this book, I thought it was harsh. It did not resonate with me at the time. Being older and hopefully wiser, I see the points more clearly now.

Living in a community always requires forgiveness. Putting people together in any activity is bound to cause conflict. "Why does Mike complain all the time?" "How come Sue talks non-stop and never gives anyone else a chance to talk?" Why is Johnny so passive-aggressive"?

Sometimes, people are like a never-ending slow drip that slowly hits us on the head over time. Yep, some people are slightly annoying each day. Love and forgive them anyway.

Look in the mirror before you quit on people. Don't throw stones; do what you want done for you if the situation is reversed. People are a packaged deal with all sorts of blessings and hang-ups.

Forgive more often. Give people the benefit of the doubt most of the time. Look for the good in others. You have no clue what another person's inner story is or what they are going through.

Accept the inconvenience of other people's faults and love them anyway.

Yes, an authentic community is messy and complicated at times.

Love others' messiness and don't give up so easily on people.

No one is disposable. Love well.


Coach Weber

Philippians 4:13


Photo Credit: Nina Strehl