Community Spotlight:             Linda Huyck

She is one of the top master’s runners in the United States. Her ability to focus is there when it is all on the line. She is a fierce competitor on the road but always encourages others—even her competitors.

I started coaching Linda back in 1998. When you’ve coached someone that long, you get to know a person well. You see the incredible abilities and attributes of a great marathon runner and athlete up close and personal.

Linda is one of the few runners in her home town to ever qualify for and run in the U.S. Marathon Olympic Trials. She also won the Capital City Marathon in 2015, 2016, and 2019 overall as a master’s runner. Winning a marathon overall as a Master’s runner (over the age of 40) is a great accomplishment. Linda was 47 when she won her Capital City Marathon title in 2019.

I served as Linda's coach during her Olympic Trials qualifying run, the U.S. Olympic Trials, and her three Capital City titles. Each of these races showcased Linda's talent, perseverance, and overcoming the odds in different ways. However, the common thread in all of these races was Linda's incredible tenacity and her no-quit mentality. When the stakes are high, Linda comes through with flying colors.

One of the many amazing things about Linda is that she never ran in college. She picked up running again after she graduated from college. Linda was away from the sport for six years. Some college coaches missed out on an incredible coaching opportunity!

Linda is one of the most consistent runners I’ve ever worked with over the years. She can put in the miles despite her full-time job as a high school English teacher and coach in Lacey, Washington. To find time to train for and run in the U.S. Olympic Trials and other major races is no easy task.

Linda still loves to run after all of these years. She can put on her competitive hat when needed but also races just for fun. Linda has found that unique and delicate balance between running for competition and just for the pure joy of running.

Don’t ever count Linda out in a race. More importantly, if you need an encouraging word she is there. Linda never fails to surprise me with her courage, determination, and heart for others.


Coach Weber

Philppians 4:13

If you want to read more about Linda's story, you can check out this article written about her in Runner's World Magazine.…/5-minutes-with-linda-huyck


Linda and her support crew after winnng Capital City Marathon overall at age 47. Left to right: Heidi Perry, Linda,  Coach Weber, Diana Roberts.

Linda receiving her first-place award from Olympic Gold Medal Marathon winner Joan Benoit-Samuelson.