Make Your Own Life Movie

Photo Credit:  "Thrill of the Chase By Carl Case," Chase Photography  

I remember the moment I ran the last few miles of the marathon during the original Ultimate Runner Competition. This competition involved running 10k, 400 meters, 100 meters, a mile, and a marathon, all on the same day.

I slowed as I approached the finish line to enjoy the day's final moments. At this point, I realized I had won the overall title in the Ultimate Runner competition with about four miles to go. I was pleasantly surprised and grateful for the strength I had left in the final miles of the marathon, especially given that I had just passed a runner who had previously run a 2:12 marathon.

Running the last four miles of the marathon was an incredible experience where I felt in harmony with my body, mind, and soul. I was living my dream, not the dream of others.

A feeling of excitement and exhilaration also came over me when I thought about my blessings that day. I felt like I was living my life movie by coming alive and doing something I loved to do—run fast!

Why do actors, entertainers, and top athletes earn the highest salaries in our society? Why do they command our attention and admiration more than any other group? Why do we value these professions so highly? What can we learn from our fascination with the entertainment industry, acting, and top athletes?"

Write Your Script

A long time ago, a wise mentor shared with me that many people live vicariously through the dreams and goals of others. In other words, some people are afraid to pursue their dreams and instead fantasize about the lives of actors, entertainers, and athletes.                                                                         

Rather than taking risks and following their aspirations, they play it safe and live through the accomplishments and experiences of others. It's important to remember that we all have unique God-given dreams and must pursue them.

I stopped watching a lot of sports and movies a few years ago. Although I still enjoy catching a good game, seeing people chase their dreams, and watching movies where the underdog triumphs, I've reduced my time watching them. I deliberately chose to start living the values and lessons I saw depicted on the screen in my everyday life.

Life is short. Make Your Life movie, not someone else's.

I want to experience more of the battles and adventures firsthand, make more of a difference in others' lives, and use the skills that God gave me in a much more excellent way before I leave this earth. 

I don't need to watch the adventures and battles of others on TV. Through my life story, I experience the agony of defeat and the thrill of victory much more.

The message is clear: Pursue your dreams based on your unique skills and abilities rather than living vicariously through others.

Live your life with both your heart and your head. Overcome the obstacles that come your way with enthusiasm, determination, joy, and optimism. And always keep dreaming, believing, and living your unique life story until you reach your goals.     

Writing your captivating life story is a powerful way to impact people and leave a lasting impression, surpassing the impact of any movie.


Coach Weber

Philippians 4:13

Copyright 2024, Larry Weber

Write your script. Pursue a script that matches your unique gifts, calling, and talents.