Injury Prevention & Management

             Katy Johansson With Diana Roberts

What is athletic training?

Athletic training is a specialty field in health care. It is  comprised of certified professionals who help prevent and treat athletic injuries. Athletic training allows athletes to reach their greatest potential.

What are the benefits?

The athletic training model optimizes performance, helps prevent injuries, assesses and treats athletic injuries, and develops programs that return athletes to their sport as quickly and safely as possible. 

Optimizing performance includes performing a musculoskeletal assessment to identify strength or flexibility imbalances that alter sport specific biomechanics. By identifying these issues up front, there is much less chance of overuse injuries later.

What if an injury does occur?

If injury does occur, then our model allows for early recognition and treatment of injuries. This approach decreases healing time, and returns the athlete quickly and safely as possible to their sport.

I frequently ask athletes if it is more important to get to the starting line or the finish line. The answer is straightforward. If getting to the start line is interrupted by injury, the finish line is unattainable. Preventing injuries before they start is the best approach!

What is the primary cause of injury?

A recent study showed that the number one cause of injury was training error. A close second is strength and flexibility imbalances that can lead to biomechanical compensation which results in overuse injury. Therefore, our focus is to train smart and identify issues that stand in the way of optimum performance at the very beginning of the training cycle. 

At Weber Coaching, we refer you to athletic trainers who understand runners and their unique needs. If you live in the Puget Sound region, we suggest you contact Diana Roberts. You can recieve her contact information by sending us a message on our contact page.