Take Positive Action Rather Than Giving Into Negative Feelings

Think about and feel the good that will come from your positive action when you struggle to take that first step out the door. Taking that first step, regardless of whether it is for your physical, emotional, or spiritual health, is usually the most crucial step.     

Photo Credit: Bruno  Nascimento

There is growing evidence-based research supporting what we’ve known since old testament times. Scientific evidence sometimes takes a while to catch up with what we know to be true.  I've also seen it in my coaching practice and as an executive in the workplace before retiring.          

Taking Positive Action regardless of how you feel produces excellent results in life. Taking one positive step now can change your entire outlook of the day. One positive step leads to another, and another...

Sometimes even if you have a super-strong purpose, the 'why' behind what you do, the motivation to get it done is just not there on some days for various reasons. This is the time to focus on the right actions regardless of how you feel.                            

The keyword is "action" rather than giving in to negative feelings when going after an important goal. Focus on the right actions instead of emotions when you are unmotivated. Take the step of faith by choosing the right actions.                       

Let's look at an example of what I am talking about it. If I only did what I felt like doing last year, I would have run 50-100 times or so instead of the over 300 times I ran in 2021.

Another example: I write almost daily in one form to another to help others. If I wrote only when I felt like writing, I would probably write once a week or about four times a month instead of the 20 or more days a month I write.

Like everyone else, I have areas where I am inconsistent, and the results are not nearly as good. I continue to work on those areas with a mix of compassion (not beating myself up) with a sense of self-discipline to get off the couch because I know I can do much better.

You need to give yourself a break for not being perfect while still maintaining an attitude of "I am still going to get better" by choosing to do the right action rather than give in to the wrong feelings or mood. Once you make the right move, good feelings and a sense of accomplishment usually follow.

What a life lesson this is for all of us. I've seen this repeatedly in my coaching practice when people learn to take that first step out the door regardless of feelings (unless, of course, you are sick, injured, etc.). Your mood changes for good, and you say to yourself, "I'm glad I got that workout in today."

You get the idea. Regardless of how you feel emotionally or your mood of the day, positive steps typically produce sound and consistently good results. There is nothing new in this statement; its been around for thousands of years in one form or another.

However, todays’ research validates countering negative feelings by taking positive action. Common sense tells us the same thing.                                                                                      

Positive actions that move you ahead in life are more effective than negative emotions with positive thinking.

Positive thinking is good in many ways. However, the value of positive thinking is not as great unless it translates into positive action steps, regardless of how you feel at the time.

Try taking positive action steps today instead of giving in to negative feelings and negative thinking.

As the Nike slogan says, do it; don't overthink what you know you should do right now for your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

The self-discipline of acting on what you know is good for you despite how you feel is the choice of champions.

Sometimes the most challenging part of doing something we know is good for us, like exercise, is taking that first step out the door.

Once you take that first step out the door, you are generally good to go regardless of the task ahead.

Take that first step out the door and watch your mood and life change for the better😊


Coach Weber

Philippians 4:13


Take that 1st step...sometimes, that's all it takes to change your day for good.