Unjust Criticism Is Part Of The Deal

It's almost inevitable to attract enemies and critics when you become successful in any field. This is a universal phenomenon.

Sometimes, the individuals criticizing or opposing you may work within the same organization. In other instances, these challenging individuals may be external to your team or organization. Throughout my journey, I have faced criticism from both internal and external sources, and it is likely that you will, too.

The attacks by your critics can stem from various reasons. Generally, it may be due to a lack of understanding about your role, feelings of envy or jealousy, a loss of control, not seeing your work as a priority, pride, arrogance, or, sometimes, an overly legalistic approach to life. Fear and anxiety can drive their decision-making or leadership style.

Sometimes, unfair treatment can be caused by any or all of the abovementioned factors. Regardless of the reason behind the criticism, the most effective strategy for responding to it is usually the same. However, one crucial point must be mentioned before discussing how to handle criticism.

Always listen to constructive advice from those who want to help, have integrity, and are emotionally healthy. Don't let gossip or lies affect you.

One way to handle unjust criticism

How do you deal with unwarranted criticism, slander, and malicious gossip from people who are critical of you?        

Let me tell you a captivating story that will demonstrate the best way to deal with individuals who attempt to thwart your progress in life.

The biblical figure David would have remained an ordinary shepherd without Goliath obstructing his path. Sometimes, we encounter enemies or unjust critics, but these situations can help us draw closer to God and fulfill our destiny. We can take comfort in that everything in our lives works together for our benefit.  

Our critics and enemies may try to harm us by being unfair, spreading gossip, slandering us, or criticizing us undeservedly. However, we should use their negativity as a motivation to bring out the best in ourselves instead of letting it bring out the worst. We must not allow them to bring us down. Instead, we should aim to rise to new heights and achieve greater good.

Everyone faces challenges in their life journey. The bigger your aspirations, the more obstacles you will encounter. However, keep hope. Keep your spirit high, stay determined, and help others even in the face of adversity.

Your critics and enemies can positively motivate you. Avoid seeking revenge, holding grudges, and being selfish. Instead, they use their criticism to achieve something more significant.

Your critics and enemies can inspire you to become even more determined to improve yourself, touch more lives, and achieve great things. They can ultimately bless your life by pushing you to create a new and more meaningful story for yourself. In other words, they use their negativity as a motivation to do good and counteract their unfair actions.

You need to think about writing a check to your critics and enemies! They are doing you a huge favor. Their opposition makes you stronger, more determined, and more daring than ever.

Don't wallow in self-pity. Instead, focus on creating new dreams, cultivating hope and love, and finding ways to help and serve others per your life's mission. Even when faced with criticism or enemies, pray for them and use their negativity as motivation to achieve more incredible things in pursuit of your life's purpose. Transform any negative situation into an opportunity to do good.

Let the evil or poor decisions of your critics and enemies motivate you to do the right things regardless of the short-term curve balls thrown by them at you. Do what you know is right and good without reservation. Create even more meaningful goals to offset the negative actions created by critics and enemies. 

Whenever your critics take any adverse action, remember that there is always a positive reaction that can permanently change people's lives for the better. Instead of focusing on the negativity, utilize your time and effort in finding the most appropriate solution to counter your critic's pessimistic view of life.

And yes, sometimes you may suffer while trying to do the right thing in unfair situations. Unjust criticism is a part of life, no matter how hard you try to do the right thing. The real test is how you choose to respond to an unjust situation.

Choose to pursue your purpose and mission in life, even in adversity. Let your determination overcome frustration and criticism from critics and enemies.


Coach Weber 

Philippians 4:13

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