The Dream Of A Lifetime

Photo Credit: Greg Rakozy

At the end of life, the number one regret for many people is that they did not pursue a significant dream.

Bonnie Ware, a palliative nurse, documented the most common regrets expressed by her dying patients. Not chasing their dreams consistently topped the list.

I understand that pursuing our dreams is only sometimes practical, and we must consider the realities of when to go after them. In my personal experience, I prioritized taking care of my family before focusing on my aspirations. I pursued it fully once I could resolve conflicts between my values and my dream.

Pursuing your dreams should not come at the cost of leaving the people you love behind. It's essential to strike a balance between work and family life.                                             

One of the top five regrets of men at the end of their lives is working too much and missing out on spending time with their loved ones. If you sacrifice your family in pursuit of your dreams, then you're doing it wrong. Always remember that achieving your dreams should never be at the expense of the people who matter most to you. Sometimes it's a fine line.

Some Dreams Must Wait

After years of working hard and striving for excellence in my profession, I realized something was missing. I've always had a deep desire to become a full-time coach.

Although I wanted to pursue coaching as a full-time profession, it did not provide me with enough income to support my family.                                                                   

Due to my responsibilities as the primary breadwinner, I had to prioritize earning a stable income over pursuing my dream of being a coach. However, I still managed to find time to volunteer as a coach for individual athletes whenever possible.                                                                                   

Even though I could not fully commit to coaching, seeing the athletes I helped go after their full potential was fulfilling. Several individuals I volunteered to coach qualified for and ran in the United States Olympic Trials. This gave me a sense of satisfaction throughout my journey.

Deep down inside, I have always known that I would eventually be able to fulfill my dream of becoming a coach and working with athletes daily. Coaching teams is what truly makes me feel alive. However, this dream had to wait until the later chapters of my life, when my family responsibilities lessened and I retired from my primary profession. Other more pressing life priorities had to be taken care of first.

Other Dreams Can't-Wait

Some specific aspirations cannot be postponed until the later stages of life. To become a professional athlete, one must pursue it during their youth. It is impossible to achieve this dream at an older age. If you aspire to qualify for the Olympic Trials, you must act now while young. In the same way, if you wish to run at the college level, you will need to take action now.

Pursuing a professional sports career is a significant risk, but not doing so may lead to regret, assuming you have the talent to succeed.

Finding The Right Time

I cannot determine the ideal timing for someone else's dream, nor would I provide any guidance on such a personal decision. Each of us must choose for ourselves. Pursuing any dream necessitates devotion, determination, a goal larger than oneself, and an unyielding determination to reach the summit.

It is essential to weigh the pros and cons of pursuing your dream and ensure that it won't be the biggest regret of your life. However, if your dream aligns with your values, you should chase it while young! You wouldn't want to regret not trying and constantly wonder "what if" or "if only" when looking back on your life.

You should explore your core values to determine the best time for pursuing your dreams and discovering God's purpose for them.


Coach Weber 

Philippians 4:13