Create Your Own Coaching Systems For Success With The People You Serve


Create Systems To Support Your Coaching Mission

You must keep the bar high in your professional or volunteer life as a coach. If you are a coach, I have one insight for you in this post.

Consider creating additional systems or changing your current systems if they do not fully support your coaching mission.

You can't rely on others to fully understand or, in some cases, even support your mission.

You must create processes and systems yourself with the help of others who truly understand and value the importance of what you do each day.

Some people around you won't fully embrace or understand what you want to accomplish for various reasons.

The Buck Stops With Coaches

As coaches, we are where the buck stops. Take the bull by the horns to create world-class systems to support your mission if you want to improve.

Work on perfecting your systems; don't just work in the current system.

You can perfect your systems and processes by asking the people you serve how to improve things.

Your work is a witness and reflection of who you are to others. It is essential to have systems and processes that work well for the people you serve. Build systems from scratch if you must and apply the idea of continuous process improvement to your systems.

For example, you may need systems to create and write your team education materials, organize best practice transportation systems, an internal website, create historical program documents, training systems, injury mitigation systems,  and many other administrative processes to keep your programs running well and your tradition alive.

The people you serve expect good service, great help, results, and hope for a better future. If these expectations are not fulfilled through current systems and processes in your organization, they reflect on you and the fulfillment of your mission. Improve them with the help of current students, past students, and their parents.

Build Systems That Promote Good Customer Service

You must build processes and systems that work well for you, your team members, and their parents to keep your life mission alive.                                                                                                                     

Work on building new systems, not just using existing methods, if current systems don't meet your needs.

Your systems must promote good customer service.

How many people walk away from businesses, non-profits, and other organizations because actions do not consistently reflect an organization's stated mission, goals, and values? A lot.

People often never confront the gap between words and actions; most don't return to the business, non-profit, or other organizations out of frustration when dissatisfied. They leave and sometimes don't tell you why.

Poor systems translate into poor customer service. People leave ultimately because systems are broken somehow.

As the adage says, "Actions speak much louder than words." Said another way, "Well done is much better than well said."

Build sound systems and processes with people who support your mission to do things well.

Living professional excellence and mastery in your profession is one of the most challenging goals a person can take on in life.

Doing your best for others each day in your career, whether paid or as a volunteer, is love in action for your fellow man and one of the ultimate virtues.

Yes, professional excellence matters. No perfection in administrative issue resolution or systems exists. You can't always get it right, but you can honestly apologize, correct mistakes, and fix your systems so they work better for students and parents.

Building Good Systems And Processes Is Love In Action

Even if you fail, striving for excellence in creating and implementing your support systems and processes daily is love in action for the people you serve.

Taking administrative and process excellence seriously is suitable for your business, career, or volunteer work, and more importantly, mastery of your profession or volunteer activity through sound systems and processes shows that you love and genuinely care about others.

You'll likely need to develop your systems and processes effectively.

Don't just rely on the methods you are handed. Create parallel or new system approaches to support your mission.

If you want examples of processes to help you think through the needed strategies, please look at the Education Process Framework below.

Take your time with the process classification matrix. You will begin to see how to integrate sports within other education processes. By taking this approach, you can vastly improve the education experience of some student-athletes.

You can use only those processes that make sense for your coaching within the organization.

The Education Process Framework Checklist list is highly comprehensive and the best I've ever seen. I use this checklist to improve and integrate my daily activities in an educational environment.

You'll need to give your name and position to access the checklist, but completing the information is worth the 1 minute it takes to complete the form. You can adjust the checklist to the unique requirements of elementary, middle school, high school, and college with some thought and creativity.

In summary, building great systems matters. Build new systems or improve current systems if necessary to support your mission. No one will have the same commitment to your mission as you.

Building better systems and processes is love in action for the people you serve. Creating world-class systems helps student-athletes and others you coach reach their God-given potential.


Coach Weber

Philippians 4:13