Great mentors are worth their weight in gold

          Yours truly with one of my mentors, Dr. Jack Daniels

If you want to accelerate your learning, find the best mentors 

Dr. Jack Daniels, Dr. Joe Vigil, Peter Thompson, Colm O’Connell,  Patrick Sang, Arthur Lydiard, Jerry Schumacher, Renato Canova, and my own coach Marshall Clark (coach of several Olympians and national class runners at Stanford University and the University of Montana) are some of the best coaches of all-time. Lydiard and Clark are now deceased. 

I have taken classes from a few of the coaches listed above and studied the training methods of the other coaches to the best of my ability. 

If you want to get outstanding results in any area of life, find the very best mentors in the field you are studying if you can. Learn from mentors personally through seminars or metoring and read everything they’ve written if you can't meet them in person.  

Learn from the best and you’ll save time, effort, money, and a lot of heartache and in some cases decades of time. 

Make sure  you pick mentors who have actually done what you want to do—we have enough theorists in life. Said another way, find the best mentors who have consistently been successful in helping other people in measurable and practical ways. Just because someone has published an article does not mean they are a good mentor. Look for actual verifiable results. 

When I was young, who did I study in the investment world?Warren Buffet. I read everything about this man’s investment knowledge and acumen before the Internet was invented. I requested his annual reports and read through them  in detail to learn how he invested. I wanted to understand best practice investing strategies and apply those strategies in my own life where it made sense to do so.  At the time, Buffet was the best investor in the world.

Running is no different. To achieve optimum results, you must find the best coaches in the world and listen closely to what they have to say. 

By finding the best mentor's in any field you can achieve extraordinary results if you apply what you learn. Do whatever is necessary to learn from the best, including traveling to your mentors home town if you must. 

In summary, search out the best mentors possible, apply what you learn, and continually learn no matter how much you think you know. You can always learn more about your passions. 


Coach Weber

Philippians 4:13