The Best Path Of  Resistance Leads To Success


It's impossible to avoid difficulties in life. We all know that most things in life are not easy.   

For a champion or championship team in any industry, sacrifice and self-discipline are not just words but a consistent way of life.

Most tasks require hard and smart work; the path of least resistance usually does not lead to success. Choosing the harder path many times is necessary for reaching your God-given potential.

The phrase "Choose Your Hard" is currently popular in our culture. While trends come and go, this simple phrase should not be forgotten.                                                                            

"Choose your hard" holds incredible power in making tough daily choices. 

Sometimes, concise proverbs are the best teachers. Too many words dilute the message. In this post, I'll focus on short maximins to convey the point.

Short maxims may not apply to every situation or exception, but they are usually true.

Choose Your Hard

Working out in bad weather is hard. Losing fitness and starting all over again is hard even harder.

Choose your hard.

Sticking to a fitness and health plan is hard. Being unhealthy, getting sick due to unhealthy habits, and paying unnecessary medical bills is hard.

Choose your hard.

Being a leader and resisting peer pressure is hard in many of areas of life is hard. Giving up on your God-given potential in areas of life due to peer pressure is hard.

Choose your hard.

Raising the bar of improvement is hard. Staying in the status quo is hard.

Choose your hard.

Getting good grades is hard. Failing classes is hard.

Choose your hard.

Going all out to reach your God-given potential is hard. Giving less than your best is hard.

Choose your hard.

Eating well is hard. Being unhealthy is hard. 

Choose your hard.

Getting sleep is hard. Not recovering well is hard.

Choose your hard.

Stretching is hard. Injury is hard.

Choose your hard.

Positive change is hard. Staying the same is hard.

Choose your hard.

Communicating what others need to hear is hard. Not speaking the truth is hard.

Choose your hard.

Choose the hard that shows genuine love for God and others and moves you closer to your God-given potential.


Coach Weber

Philippians 4:13