Coach Hudson’s Little Black Book 


                             My Review of Coach Hudson's Book

If you're looking for an insightful and engaging short read on running training, I recommend Coach Brad Hudson's "Little Black Book." Hudson's book provides detailed insight into some of his best-loved workouts, ranging from 800 meters to the Marathon. Not only that, but Coach Hudson also shares some good suggestions for some general Fartlek training early in the training cycle.

And if you're looking to mix things up in training, you'll like the "Spice it up" sections, where he outlines some creative ways to make standard workouts more interesting while allowing for some extra work in a low-impact manner. His special blocks section at the back of the book was particularly helpful, where he discusses ways to incorporate two hard workouts daily.

Although Hudson's workouts are primarily designed for national and world-class athletes, they can be modified to suit various experience levels. What I appreciated most about Hudson's book was that he gets right to the point by providing some of the best workouts for various distances. The writing was clear, and he explained things like recovery time between reps and sets well, which is often not the case in many running publications. His book contains no unnecessary content.

Although Hudson provides only brief guidance on where to place the workouts in each training phase, experienced coaches can certainly determine the appropriate placement of his workouts in each phase.

As a coach, you may need to introduce some variation to keep things interesting for your athletes. Hudson's book can help you achieve this goal. His workouts are physiologically sound, and he also integrates workouts that promote mental toughness in training.

I recommend adding Hudson’s Little Black Book to your training, racing, and coaching library. The small book is a spiral-bound book and is easy to store or take with you to the track.

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About Coach Hudson

Hudson was a successful runner who represented the USA in two World Championships in the marathon. He competed for the University of Oregon during his collegiate years, where he won his conference cross-country title and helped his team to secure a runner-up finish at the NCAA Cross-Country Championships.

He has coached several world-class runners, including Dathan Ritzenhein, Shayne Culpepper, Sarah Schwald, and Jorge Torres. He also coached athletes in the 2004, 2008, and 2012 Olympic Games.


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       Brad Hudson is a world class coach who has helped others for decades.