Run Your Life Race To Win

The following is an excerpt from a Christian Devotional book I am writing about my experiences in the Original Ultimate Runner Competition.

Make Your Own Life Movie

I remember running the last miles of the marathon of the original Ultimate Runner Competition (10k, 400 meters, 100 meters, a mile, and a marathon all ran on the same day) letting up just a bit to savor the final moments of the day. I knew I had won the overall title in the Ultimate Runner with about four miles to go. I had just passed a runner who ran a 2:12 marathon the year before. I was pleasantly surprised and grateful for the strength I had left in the final miles of the Original Ultimate Runner Competition.

My competitor's goal was to make up the small lead I had going to the marathon by running a stellar time in the marathon portion of the Ultimate Runner. However, after running four events before the marathon, he went out too fast in the marathon and had nothing left in the tank.  By the grace of God, I finished ahead of him.

A feeling of excitement and exhilaration came over me when I thought about my blessings that day. I felt as though I was living a  movie by coming fully alive doing something I loved to do—run fast!

Running the last four miles of that marathon was pure joy. I was running on all cylinders—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I was living my dream, not the dream of others.

Why do actors, entertainers and super athletes make the most money in our society? How come this group commands our attention and adoration more than any other group? How come we value these people and their stories above almost every other profession and our own life experiences? What can we learn from our fascination with acting, super athletes, and the entertainment industry? Have you ever thought about truly living your life movie rather than watching others live their dreams?

I had a wise mentor tell me years ago that most people live their dreams, goals, and fantasies through others. Many people live life through actors, entertainers, and super athlete experiences. They are afraid to step out and live their dreams so they fantasize about life through the dreams and stories of others. We tend to play it safe and to live through others rather than creating and producing our real-life movie.

I stopped watching so many sports and movies many years ago. I still love to watch the occasional good game, seeing others go for their dreams and movies where the underdog wins. However, I just don't watch as many sports or movies anymore. I made a conscious decision to start living what I saw portrayed on the screen—every day.

I want to experience more of the battles and adventures first hand, make more of a difference in the lives of others, and use the skills that God gave me in a much greater way before I leave this earth.

I don't have the need anymore to watch the adventures and battles of others on TV. I experience the agony of defeat and thrill of victory much more now through my own life story--daily.

You and I have been given a blank script by our creator to co-write our own compelling life story with Him. He created each of us for a purpose. Your purpose and life story are more important than you realize. Your story has the potential to be more inspiring than any academy award winning movie ever written.

If you've had some bumps along life's journey don't despair. By His grace, you have time to write new chapters in your story that will benefit others in ways that are unimaginable to you now.

Consider using the bumps of your past to help even out the road ahead for others who are now traveling down a similar path as you did. Don't waste your pain.  Give others hope.

Go create your own best picture of the year by sharing your unique gifts, talents, and even your pain for good. I can't think of a better way to write the final chapters of a beautiful and incredible life story.

Questions for prayer and reflection

1. Are you living someone else's life script or you're our own story? What do you think I meant by "living your own life movie"?

2. What were you passionate about as a child growing up? Have you suppressed that desire somehow? Do you sense His calling to live out that desire?

3. Read and really think about what Philippians 4:13 means. How can Philippians 4:13 help you in your own life story?


Coach Weber

Philippians 4:13

"Always remember you are loved regardless of how you perform, always! "

You can watch a video description of the Original Ultimate Runner Competition if you want more details about the life lessons I learned from that event.

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