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Thank you blog readers!

Our web site and blog has taken off! Here are some interesting facts about training topics that people seem most interested in so far:

  1. Running Training Zones
  2. Mental Strength Running
  3. High School Runners
  4. Minimize Running Injuries
  5. Breakthrough Perceived Barriers (Tie)
  6. Point of Diminishing Training Returns (Tie)

You can access all of these articles in our recent blog posts that were posted in January and February of 2018. 

What is fascinating to me is that people are most interested in learning more about how to train properly in each training zones. This is actually one of my passions as well. I’ve read most of the research about training zones and have prescribed appropriate training zone times to athletes for years. However, there is always more to learn about this mission critical area of training as science advances.

It is interesting that mental strength training is the next most popular topic. You can have the best physical fitness in the world but still struggle in training and racing if your mental toughness abilities are low.    

Mental strength training is a part of the book I am writing about my experiences in the original Ultimate Runner Competition. You can always do more than you initially believe. Developing “Iron Will Endurance ™ is mission critical to your success as a mid and long distance athlete. I will breakdown the key areas of Iron Will Endurance in future posts.

Rounding out the top three articles is an article on high school running. Teaching student-athletes the proper way to train is the foundation of our sport. There is some really good and some really bad training out there for high school athletes. Since high school athletes represent the future of our sport, I am spending a considerable amount of time discussing how to build championship high school programs in my coaching practice.


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