Let a Racehorse Run

Getting to the heart of a young man: Let a racehorse run

You would never know by his demeanor in the office that he was bored. He shuffled papers all day long and did his job well. He got slaps on the back for bringing the latest project in on time, for being under budget, improving processes, and for winning project management and quality awards. He thought to himself, is this all there is to life?

All of these things are good, no doubt. Unquestionably they have value, especially for the employer. However, are these the things that make a man come alive, fulfill his passions, his dreams, his Godly desires? Is this all there is?

I remember thinking all of these things to myself in my twenties, this is it? I just had a sense after praying that I had to move in a new and different direction. I just "knew" the direction I needed to head. My head was clear on what to do next.

Something felt unfilled inside of me. There was a desire still burning in my soul that just could not be quenched with any amount of the business world's water. For me, I had to have more than nine to five. The young warrior inside of me wanted one last battle, one last hurrah in the sport I loved before moving to the next chapters of life.

I had to climb one last mountain while I had the physical capabilities to do so as a young man. What I was about to attempt could not be accomplished by someone who is my age now. The window of opportunity was closing for me. It was now or never.

I answered the call to move from what others defined as success to what resided deep in my heart and soul at the time.  I started preparing for the biggest race of my life while working full time, training over 100 miles a week, and trying to help others by coaching them. I was busier than a man ought to be.

There is a stage in a young man's life when he must test his mettle. For some, it's the board room. For others, it's the battlefield. A rare few get to test themselves in the world of professional sports. Now, we all know none of these things can ever become our idol. Our relationship with God has to come first for those of us who call ourselves Christians, then family, and serving others must be a priority as well.

Still, that fourth priority lingers, burns brightly in the soul of a healthy young man. To do your best in all of the other priorities just mentioned above, sometimes you just have to let a racehorse run. A young man needs to slay whatever dragon is set before him. If he doesn't slay the dragon, he will always wonder, what if? "What if" is a permanent scar that resides deep in a man's soul.

Most of my friends know my story by now. You can tune out this next part of the story. However, for those of you who don’t know my story, my fourth priority as a young man helped me avoid “what if” thinking and fulfilled the desire to give it my all, test my mettle, and become a better man in the more important things in life.

A young man needs to test his mettle, run his race to win, and somehow use those experiences to become a better man for his family and to those he will help and serve the rest of his life.


Coach Weber

Philippians 4:13

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