Give it all you've got

One major key to success in life is to give it all you've got. No matter what the goal, if you want to achieve extraordinary success, you must throw yourself into what you are doing with everything you have. Notice the first part of the word in extraordinary (extra). To move beyond the ordinary, you must do something "extra".

Over 70 years ago, a great Canadian coach said that most people including athletes and non-athletes are "hold out's".

Hold out's always keep something in reserve. Hold out's don't invest 100 percent of themselves in the competition. This is the major reason why people don't reach their God-given potential. 

Another famous coach from 70 years ago said the same thing. Few are willing to leave it all on the line even though they are physically trained to do so in their sport. However, I believe that every single person on the  teams I coach each year have  the ability to be one of the few who leave it all on the line. I believe this at a heart level. It is up to coaches and athletes to work together to find unique ways for every team member to  reach their potential.

Little has changed in the last 70 years. Finding the mental fortitude to leave it all on the finish line is still the goal for those who want to maximize the gifts God gave them. Being mentally tough is that little extra you need to make a breakthrough.

Let me say all of this another way. Don't hold out. Go all out! Let faith drive you to your destination. Leave fear in the dust. 

Find your own unique motivation to tap into those reserves that live in all of us. Get your heart into the race and your body will follow. Give that something "extra" in the word extraordinary and your life will never be the same.


Philippians 4:13   

Coach Weber

Give it all you've got but always, always remember you are loved regardless of how you perform!