What Endurance Running Can Teach Us About Building Wealth

I’ve used running and endurance sports as a teaching tool for many life lessons outside of my coaching practice.

Several years ago now, I was asked to write an article about the correlation between wealth building habits and endurance running habits. According to the owner of Financialmentor.com, the article I wrote at the link below is still one of the ten most popular articles ever written on the Financialmentor.com web site. You can view my article here:https://financialmentor.com/popular/what-endurance-athletes-can-teach-us-about-building-wealth/5585

My motivation for writing the article at the time was to teach the students I was coaching to apply the lessons learned through endurance running to all parts of their lives.

According to the owner of Financial Mentor, my article is still in the top ten articles of all time on his web site. I am posting it again because some of the current athletes I coach are interested in applying the life lessons learned in endurance running to other parts of their lives.

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Coach Weber