We Need Your Gift To Change The World

Carpe Diem

Each of us has a unique gift or dream given specifically to us by our creator. The gifts and dreams we've been given have the potential to change lives for the better.  We need to use our gifts and pursue our dream to help and serve others.

I was old by most standards when I had an epiphany about my own dream. It is never too late to pursue your dream though. Let me explain.

I have always watched my health. I have tried to eat well and make exercise a priority every week of my life since I was ten years old. Exercise and eating right are things I value in life. However, there are events in life that are just outside of our control.

Sometimes we need a wake-up call

When I turned fifty, I was sitting at the dinner table one night when my family noticed that my hand had turned blue. Not good.

We immediately went to the emergency room. As it turns out, I had a severe embolism. Instead of going to my head, the embolism traveled down my arm to my hand instead. The doctors said I was lucky. I said it was not my time to go.

In layman terms, the embolism did permanent damage to my hand. I permanently lost partial use of my fingers especially when it is cold outside. Better my hand than my head. After extensive tests, it was discovered that I had a rare blood disease since birth. This disease was instrumental in the type of embolism I had that day. I had no idea that I had this disease until I was fifty years old.

According to the doctors, I was fortunate. If the clot had traveled to my brain, I most likely would not be writing this note right now. I lived in denial about this event for about a year but finally accepted the severity of the situation after two doctors confronted me. I can be stubborn at times.

I am on medicine for the rest of my life. Every three weeks I have my blood tested to ensure my continued place on this planet.

Things become a lot clearer (hopefully) when you have an experience like this in life. You see what is truly important in life—God, your family, and loving others. Nothing else matters.

Do what you were wired to do. I started coaching more full time shortly after the embolism event. I had always wanted to pass on what I had learned in the running world to high school students. Better late than never. Coaching others especially high school kids was always what I wanted to do deep down inside. God opened the doors for that to happen. I have never regretted this decision.

Connect your mission to your work 

Give up fear. Jump and God’s net will catch you. Follow His will for your life, it is never too late to pursue your dreams. Forget the critics. Ignore them and carry on with your journey.

Having a higher purpose in life is the key to fulfilling your life dreams and goals. "Where there is no vision people perish". The Bible is clear about what it takes to reach God-inspired dreams. You need a strong and compelling vision and mission to do your best with the gifts God gave you. 

Study after study shows that peak performers in all fields have a strong vision and mission. Peak performers are inspired to go beyond their perceived limitations and win the Gold medal in their chosen field if they have a sense of purpose that is connected to their mission.  

People will work harder and longer on any project if the project aligns with their mission or if they understand how their overall contribution impacts the success of the project. 

Think moon mission here. It was the greatest project of the last 100 years. The people on this project reported that their performance was by far the best of their career. They made unexpected leaps in their performance because of the strong vision and mission of the project. The vision of being the first to reach the moon was a compelling vision for all involved. The mission to send the first person to the moon brought out the best in human nature and united our country. 

We all have it in us to perform at a higher level. We can all do more than we think we can. The difference between a heroic performance and zero performance many times is a strong and compelling vision and mission. I’ve seen this principle played out over and over again with peak performers in all walks of life. The person with the strongest mission usually wins the race. 

Use your unique gift to change the world for good 

What is your “moon mission” in life? What makes the fire inside of you burn in a good way? How can you change the world for the better with your God-given gifts? How can truly living your mission help and serve others?

Use your unique personality to change the world for the better.  Every personality type is important—fun-loving, serious, studious, quiet, intense, quirky, loud, meek, introspective, and spacey. The list goes on and on. One personality type is not better than any other.  We need all personality types in God’s kingdom.  

To paraphrase Baillie," Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive inside and go do that because the world needs more people to come alive". Life is to be lived here and now within God’s parameters. Eternity starts now, not later. 

Write your own strong and compelling life mission statement based on His purposes for your life. When you struggle, reread your mission statement to keep yourself on track to your calling, destiny, and dreams. Become and embrace the unique person God meant you to be by using your gifts for His glory. You were given a special personality that is unique to you for a reason. Don't try to be something or someone you're not. We need your natural temperament directed in a positive direction to help change the world for the better.


Coach Weber

 Philippians 4:13   

Question for Prayer and Reflection                                                                 

1. What is your mission and purpose in life? What do you want to do? Why do you want to do it? For whom do you want to do it?  

2. What makes you come alive? Don’t edit yourself. Let the ideas flow. 

3. How can you incorporate your ideas into daily life?  

Read Proverbs 3:5-6 for more on how to walk in faith.