Jumping Over Life Hurdles: How To Live Your Own Life Movie

Photo Credit: "Thrill of the Chase By Carl Case", Chase Photography

Why do actors, entertainers, and super athletes make the most money in our society? How come this group commands our attention and adoration more than any other group? How come we value these people above almost every other profession? What can we learn from our fascination with acting, super athletes, and the entertainment industry?

I had a wise mentor tell me years ago that most people live through the dreams, goals, and fantasies of others. Said another way, many people live their life through actors, entertainers, and super athletes. They are afraid to step out and really live their own dream so they fantasize about life through the dreams and stories of others. Our tendency is to play it safe and to live through others rather than actually going for our own God-inspired dreams.

I stopped watching so many sports and movies several years ago. I still love to watch the occasional good game, see others go for their  dreams, and movies where the underdog wins. However, I just don’t watch as many sports or movies anymore. I made a conscious decision to actually start living what I saw portrayed on the screen.

I want to experience more of the battles and adventures first hand, make more of a difference in the lives of others, and use the skills that God gave me in a much greater way before I leave this earth.

I don’t have the need anymore to watch the adventures and battles of others on TV. I experience the agony of defeat and thrill of victory much more now through my own life story.

The point is this: Go for your dreams that God has placed in your heart. Don’t just live through the experiences of others. Use the unique skills that God has placed inside of you to live your own life movie. Live the abundant life that Jesus promised.

One of my favorite quotes goes like this: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do that because the world needs more people to come alive”.                                     

Follow the desires that God has placed in your heart and change the world in a positive way. Live life from the heart and jump over those life hurdles with anticipation, focus, and joy.

Questions for prayer and reflection

1. Are you living someone else's life script or you're our own story? What do you think I meant by "live your own life movie"?

2. What were you passionate about as a child growing up? Have you suppressed that desire somehow? Do you sense the calling to live out that desire?

3. Read and think about what Philippians 4:13 really means. How can Philippians 4:13 help you in your own life story?


Coach Weber

Philippians 4:13

Photo Credit: Alyssa Ledesma